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Want to mix things up? Get your feet in the game. Your toes and soles are jam-packed with nerve-endings, making your tootsies one of the most sensitive parts of your body. Not a foot person? These six tricks might just win you over.

5 ways to use your feet during sex

6 Insanely Sexy Ways to Use Your Feet During Foreplay | Women's Health

We all have something that makes us feel like choking the chicken. A wide-shouldered Russian woman slicing a perfectly ripened avocado, JCPenney mannequins or the stretchiness of Mrs. Incredible could all give us the urge to flick our swollen bean. I myself have mocked the guy who asked for a video of my tootsies squishing a key lime pie when I was simply trying to sell a pair of Crocs on eBay. Unsolicited requests for pictures is off putting, as it is with every fetish, but when your friends open up to you about their love of feet, why laugh at them?

6 Insanely Sexy Ways to Use Your Feet During Foreplay

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Your feet are packed with nerve endings, which make them erogenous zones in their own right and well worth exploring. Did someone say shower sex? Sometimes less is more. Offer your partner a foot rub, oil them up and get ready for things to get hot.