Innie vs outie vagina

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But before we get into it, let the record show that, as Dr. And every vulva is normal! The vulva is the outer bits of your genitals: the pubic mouth, inner labia, outer labia, the love-to-be-rubbed clit, and the urethra. Basically, any vulva where you can see the inner lips without physically spreading the outer lips with your fingers. So no two outies are the same. Some people with outies have curved horseshoe-shaped outer lips that leave the inner labia exposed in the middle.

Do She Have An Outie Vagina Or An Innie Vagina? Here’s How To Tell

Do You Have An Outie Vagina Or An Innie Vagina? Here’s How To Tell

I'll never forget the moment I learned that there are two general types of vaginas in this world — innie vaginas and outie vaginas. When I first got my period, my mom did all the embarrassing stuff moms do when their first daughters get their periods. I believe I was finally allowed to get my ears pierced, but not before my mom let everyone at Claire's know about the exciting rite of passage taking place between my legs that had brought us to their cheap jewelry store that day. Wondering what pierced ears has to do with your ability to get pregnant? Me too. In addition to the studs I got gunned into my earlobes, I also got some wisdom from my mom regarding taking care of all that uterine lining I was shedding now that I was, ostensibly, a woman.

Here’s What You Should Know About “Outie” Vaginas

When you were a kid, you couldn't resist comparing outie and innie belly buttons with your friends. After all, everyone knew you either had one or the other, and you gotta admit, it was kinda fun in a weird way. Apparently, your vagina can, too. It's official: Everything I've been told is a lie.
We all compare ourselves to others. This occurs when the labia minora the inner vaginal lips extends past the labia majora the outer vaginal lips. However, the vagina is actually the internal parts of the organ. Just like any other body part, there is a huge range of appearance of vulvas.