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Sources for the header images. Only good nude scene in three season's of The Wire gfycat. Yes - that scene and the random waitress that McNulty hooks up with after drunkenly wrecking his car twice. I wonder how he's been after the accident? I IMDB'ed that chick to see if she'd done anything else, that's how good they were. I understand that.

Have you guys heard of this show, The Wire?

10 Of The Wire's Wildest Scenes

My dad received the DVD box set of The Wire as a gift and I was trying to figure out if it would be appropriate to watch with various family members when we visit this holiday season. What I'm not sure about is which of my family members of wildly varying ages, upbringings, and sensibilities I should include. To that end, can someone give me an idea of the more 'mature' content in the series? For example, this same group of people just went through an epic Breaking Bad binge, so the younger folks witnessed some grim shit going down and some PGtype language, but at the end of the day nobody's feathers were really ruffled. But I would say anything much worse than that would make me think twice. So in general, how's the language? Sexual content?

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